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HOPE should never go out from ones life
About Us


Jan 6  , 2008


Nusrullah Balouch (Chairman Board of Directors)

Annual budget

Rs. 50 Million (US $ 0.6 million)


April   ,2009

Philanthropic spending

Rs. 46 Million (US $ 0.5 million)


Multan ( Pakistan )


27( Consultant Physicians, lecturers, Finance and administration with paramedical staff  )

Back Ground
Hasaan Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Nusrullah Balouch, a key member of Balouch family of Multan and D.G. Khan who has started their philanthropic services to the poor since a few decades. Mr. Nusrullah Balouch believes that Kiran should never go out of ones life.Based in the city of Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, Hasaan Foundation seeks to promote simple, practical and culturally sensitive development interventions following the mandates of participatory, gender-sensitive, and rights-based approaches to sustainable development

Improve the quality of life and empower the poor and marginalized communities, especially women and children, in all working areas without any discrimination against sex, race, caste, religion and social origin.

Sustainable communities (peaceful, healthy, educated and productive) based on civic sense, social justice, peace and respect, self reliance, and rights-based development.

To achieve the vision, Hasaan Foundation will initiate socio-economic development interventions to bring about changes by mobilizing and capacitating the marginalized communities, especially women and children, to transform their lives so that they can undertake their own development as well as help those more needy than them.

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