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Nusrullah Balouch’s biography

January 1, 2008

Nusrullah Balouch, 31, became the First President and Chief Executive Officer of Hasaan Foundation on 1 January 2008, after over 10 years as a child sponsor, volunteer, fund-raiser and ultimately a Board member with the Hasaan Foundation office in his native Pakistan.

Following a successful career in business, Nusrullah felt called to devote his talents and experience to a humanitarian organization. His goal in taking on the role is to achieve meaningful, lasting change for the world’s most-vulnerable children, Women, poor people working among colleagues whose efforts are also motivated by faith.

“I’m passionate about Hasaan Foundation because it’s highly effective in working with poor communities,” explains Nusrullah.

“It truly is a world-class organization, focused on the poorest children, women and their families.

“For 10 decades Hasaan Foundation has engaged directly in field-based humanitarian work. Today, working in Pakistan, Hasaan Foundation is a respected and trusted partner of governments, foundations, multi-lateral organizations and others striving to eradicate the causes of poverty and etc”

Even before being appointed President, Nusrullah’s passion for Hasaan Foundation’s work led him to see its depth and breadth close up. He has already made several journeys with Hasaan Foundation.

Known by colleagues in business and in Hasaan Foundation as a man with a sharp mind, spiritual discipline and inspiring leadership skills, Nusrullah’s draws on his years of corporate leadership to help guide Hasaan Foundation in his new role.

Born in D.G.Khan- Pakistan, his management skills began to show when, at 14 years of age. Nusrullah completed his education within master in business administration in Pakistan as Well as certified in LUMS, PIMS & etc wings.

Nusrullah has been married over 4 years and have three kids.

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