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Disabilities and climate Change

It is now widely accepted that climate change is occurring as a result of the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere arising from the combustion of fossil fuels. Climate change may affect health through a range of pathways e.g., as a result of increased frequency and intensity of heat waves, reduction in cold-related deaths, increased floods and droughts, changes in the distribution of vector-borne diseases, and effects on the risk of disasters and malnutrition.

The 2003 heat wave in Europe killed 35,000 people in five countries, and it was older people and disabled people who were the worst affected. Higher temperatures also mean that diseases such as malaria will become more widespread. It is estimated that climate change related deaths will increase to 500,000 by 2030.

There has been a 40% increase in climate-related disasters, such as hurricanes and flooding since 1980. There are currently 400 weather related disasters per year.

Climate change was selected as a risk factor in the category of "environmental risks" in the World Health Organization (WHO) global-burden-of-disease (GBD Global Burden of Disease) study, reflecting increasing concern about warming and its impact on population health

Because of global warming, more people might become disabled, more disabled people are likely to become sick or die and that disabled people will be more affected by factors such as famine, weather disaster and consequent migration. The overall balance of effects on health is likely to be negative and populations in low-income countries are likely to be particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects.

Climate change and disabilities are very closely associated with each other. But in developing countries like Pakistan where literacy rate is below average, people do not pay much attention to such issues due to ignorance. As a result disabled and older people fall prey to the climate related diseases as they are more vulnerable to them.

However over the period of time, we have seen many changes regarding new developments in the field of health sciences and in the field of geology in Pakistan. Serious work should be done on climate related diseases. Campaign and strategies should be made keeping in view, how to minimize climate effects on disabled people. The need is to create awareness among people, about the cleanness of their surroundings and environment for their own benefit. Thus they can be prevented from climate related diseases and disabilities.

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