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1.   How can I work for Hasaan Foundation?
2.   How can I vounteer for Hasaan Foundation?
3.   How can I work as an intern with Hasaan Foundation?
4.   Where can I find detailed information on Hasaan Foundation partners and projects?
5.   Where can I find research information on hasaan Foundation for my study?
6.   How can I participate in Hasaan foundation’s campaigning events?
7.   How can I get a Fund to cover my Studies?
8.   Where can I find financial information on Hasaan Foundation?
9.   How can I seek funding from Hasaan Foundation?
10. How can I contact a particular Hasaan Foundation staff members?

Q1. How can I work for Hasaan Foundation?
A. Current Hasaan Foundation vacancies are advertised on our Career page. Here you will also find a selection of vacancies from Hasaan Foundation affiliates, as well as links to their websites, where all their available positions are advertised. Unfortunately, due to the number of enquiries we receive, we can only respond to applications for specific Hasaan Foundation job postings and we cannot keep CVs on file.

Q2. How can I volunteer for Hasaan Foundation?
A. Volunteers play a key role in helping Hasaan Foundation achieve its mission to reduce poverty and injustice around the Pakistan, from office work to helping in shops or stewarding at events and concerts. While the Hasaan Foundation Management does not place volunteers overseas, the Hasaan Foundation affiliates around the world rely on volunteers in a wide variety of capacities. Please check the website, for further information on volunteering. Please note that while we appreciate the interest shown by those wishing to do voluntary work with Hasaan Foundation.

Q3. How can I work as an intern with Hasaan Foundation?
A. We will list any available internship opportunities on our Career page. The Hasaan Foundation Management often runs short-term, voluntary, unpaid internships comprising a single role, based in either our CAMP office or one of our running Projects. Please refer to the job description for the location of individual internships. These internships offer the opportunity to work on a specific project or discipline within one team. Although we cannot guarantee employment beyond the internship, our internships are designed to offer work experience, and interns are welcome to apply for our paid vacancies

Q4. Where can I find detailed information on Hasaan Foundation partners and projects?
A. In all our actions Hasaan Foundation’s goal is to enable people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives. From long-term program work and short-term emergency relief to immediate campaign action, HF believes in empowering people. HF strives to work with local partners and takes a rights-based approach to our development work. You will find a list of which HF affiliates operate in country in our Website.

Q5. Where can I find research information on Hasaan Foundation for my studies?
A. We receive literally thousands of requests each year from school children and students asking for help. Unfortunately, due to our limited resources we cannot advise research students on an individual basis nor assist with specific questions. We are also unable to arrange interviews, answer questionnaires or arrange visits to our projects. Hasaan Foundation produces a wealth of information, covering various topics. For an overview of the range of Hasaan Foundation’s activities, see our latest Annual Report. There is also a great deal of useful information available on Hasaan foundation website, The Oxfam affiliate organizations may also be able to respond directly see Contact Page In addition, through its Hasaan Foundation Publishing division distributes a range of publications range of books, journals, reports, training resources, videos, and policy papers.

Q6. How can I participate in Hasaan Foundation’s campaigning events?
A. HF campaigns for changes that will make the world safer and more just for its poorest and most vulnerable people. Working with a global team of campaigners and allied organizations and partners, we are currently campaigning in these main areas: agriculture; trade and economic justice; health and education; awareness on Drug absues prevention and rehabilitation.women empowerent,Human Rights,Poverty and etc.

Q7. How can I get a Fund to cover my studies?
A. The Hasaan Foundation Management would like to share to provide Fund to individuals, preferring to use our limited resources to support groups of people in the country where we work to set up development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy projects that will benefit a whole community, region or nation.

Q8. Where can I find financial information on Hasaan Foundation?
A. Hasaan Foundation published annual report on websites which include details of expenditure. If you require more detailed figures about a particular Hasaan Foundation’s expenditure, please contact them directly through the Contact section of this website.

Q9. How can I seek funding from Hasaan Foundation?
A. The Hasaan Foundation Management funding body and directly involved with program decisions such as choosing or funding partners. These decisions are made by our members in line with the Hasaan Foundation global strategy. You should therefore approach HF Offices directly. Our member organizations can then respond according to their program priorities.

Q10. How can I contact a particular Hasaan Foundation staff member?
A. You will find contact information for all concern Staff memebers see the Contact link into website. When contacting Hasaan Foundation, please make clear the specific information you need or the reason for your inquiry – this will help us respond more quickly. You can reach the Hasaan Foundation Head Office by telephone: + 92 61 678 1142, or by mail and see the postal address into website.

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