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HOPE should never go out from ones life
Letter From CEO

I am very pleased to have a chance to tell you about some background, objective and plans of our organization, The Hasaan Foundation

The Hasaan Foundation is an organization whose primary goal is to help the poor, the underprivileged in all walks of life with full dynamism and dedication

I belong to a family who is traditionally involved into the philanthropic activities within its capacities, so I am used to engage in such activities from the early age. With passage of time the idea becomes stronger into my mind that there should be a platform from where I can proceed with greater pace towards my ultimate goal, there should be a team of volunteers and dedicated people having similar thoughts to service the mankind. Now at last this idea came into being as we have developed an organized team gathered under the umbrella of Hasaan Foundation

Our major area at preliminary phase will be suburban localities and rural areas of Pakistan, as there are many opportunities exist in these areas; afterwards gradually we will expand our activities into other areas as well

We at Hasaan Foundation are in our best efforts to provide general health facilities, education opportunities, drinking water and food to the deserving groups of society. There are various programs are in the pipeline through which we will proceed towards what we want to do

Here we want to pay a tribute and are grateful to our beloved ones who are behind the scene, but giving us their generous helping hands making the things possible for us. We always welcome to any aid, in any form which can help us in achievements of our goals

That’s Our Hasaan Foundation

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