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Prison Reforms

Prison is a place where persons are confined while on trail or for punishment.

Unfortunately prisons in Pakistan are shoddily ignored due to multiple reasons and are in dire need of reformation. Commencing with, unhygienic living conditions to the frequent use of foul and abusive language. From, mal-treatment of prisoners to other illegal and outrageous activities like drugs etc. There is no check or monitoring on the behavior and actions of convicts living within the boundaries controlled by the authorities.

Every prisoner, be it hardened, circumstantial or accidental offender, all are detained in the same cell and went through the same situations and conditions, irrespective of the nature of their offense and crime. They interact with each other which results into strong criminal network and leads to more unlawful activities. As a result they came out as professional and trained criminals. Since, there is no concept of "Juvenile" prison in our country. Therefore when a young mind interacts with the hard core criminals, it gets a boost for its criminal thinking and activities.

The need of the hour is to alter and reform the customary culture of prisons by introducing innovative, prolific and productive methods and ways. Steps should be taken by the concerned authorities for a separate "Juvenile Reforms centers", so that children can be protected from becoming proficient criminals in the long run.

Another very important approach that can inculcate positive attitude among the prisoners, is to treat them with due respect, it will give them self confidence and boost their self esteem which will be beneficial in keeping them away from the criminal activities in future.

In order to understand the mind of the prisoners, a psychiatrist should be appointed by the jail authorities. So that the prisoners are examined, evaluated and judged and then punish accordingly.

In nutshell, prisons should be more like reform centers so that an individual came out as a productive, responsible and conscientious member of the society.

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