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HOPE should never go out from ones life
Resource Mobilization (Fund raising)
  • Dinner fundraising
  • Grant seeking
  • Proposal writing

Hasaan foundation belief that kiran(hope) should never goes out from ones life. We think all people deserve the chance to have healthy, productive lives.Our work start with Hasaan Foundation as base on  core programs
Foundation set our overarching grant making priorities—such as improving health,education,shelter,sustainable livelihood and humanitarian services and reducing extreme poverty in the developing region of pakistan. Then our core program teams devise a strategy for meeting these objectives. 

We have been developing a grantmaking process that helps us decide how to spend our time, effort, and money so we can accomplish that goal & object for as many people as possible. This process helps us choose the issues we will work on and the groups to which we will make grants and in some cases it represents our aspirations as much as reality. Our process is evolving as we get better at choosing strategies, get grants, measuring progress towards impact, and evaluating the results.

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