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Water and Sanitation

Inadequate supply of clean water and improper sanitation, are among many challenges the government and people of Pakistan are facing presently. Shortage of safe drinking water has now become a serious problem for the masses. And due to non- availability of clean and safe water, people are becoming victims of water borne diseases.

Water-borne diseases include;
Hepatitis A and E.

Millions of people have little access to sanitary waste disposal or to clean water for personal hygiene. When proper sanitation facilities are lacking, water-borne diseases can spread rapidly. Diarrheal disease, the major water-borne disease, is prevalent in areas where sewage treatment is inadequate and sanitation conditions are not up to the mark. Also human wastes are disposed of in open latrines, ditches, canals, and water courses, which multiply the growth of such diseases.

Until the 21st century, Pakistani water sector policies were mainly focused on water resources and irrigation. This has changed with the National Drinking Water Policy (NDWP), the National Sanitation Policy (NSP) and the Clean Drinking Water for All Programme, which were prepared by the Ministry of Environment as integral parts of the Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) 2005-2010. The MTDF provides about US$2 billion (120 billion rupee) for water and sanitation schemes.

However, the sector still faces major challenges and still struggling in providing safe drinking water and proper sanitation to the masses.

Improving public sanitation and providing a clean water supply are the two steps needed to prevent most water-borne diseases and deaths. In particular, constructing sanitary latrines and treating waste water to allow for biodegradation of human wastes will help curb diseases caused by pollution.

It is important that a clean water supply and the construction of proper sanitary facilities be provided together because they reinforce each other to limit the spread of infection.

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