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Women Empowerment

In the developing world, the menace of poverty is deep routed, especially in the rural areas while Pakistan is no exception to it. Therefore the United Nations identified the rural women as a catalyst for change if the objective of eradicating poverty is to be attained.

The government of Pakistan has introduced a special hardcore poverty alleviation programme focusing on the very poor families through the women of the family.
Benazir Income Support Programme" through which cash assistance of Rs.1000/ per month is provided to poor households with an allocation of Rs 34 billion for 2008-09.
The Primary objective of BISP is social protection to the poor while secondary objectives are:
To register the women with NADRA.
Empowerment of women.
To bring the women in mainstream.
On the political front we have thirty three percent reserved seats for women in all local bodies (more than 36000 women councilors). At the national level seventeen percent seats have been reserved for women in the constituent assembly.
Strategic methods to bring the women in the main stream and address the cultural barriers in the full exercise of women's citizenship:

Awareness-raising among the citizens.
Capacity-building of women.
Research and documentation on the achievements of women

Awareness-Raising: A nation-wide mass media campaign, which will highlight the importance of women's representation and participation in decision-making; the transformational changes that women bring while women's political participation as a human right

Capacity-Building: Training of the women to encompass the whole range of women's citizenship as voters, candidates and elected officials.

Research and Documentation: To show that women make a difference, while instituting rules, practices, and norms as well as policy decisions should be documented.

Though women are entering into the main stream but are limited in number. Due to improper implementation of policies concerning women. Therefore all the women related policies should be regularized for a better out come.

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